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SMS: Enable Text Messages

Updated December 21, 2023

Get real-notifications of unread instant messages from Dice technologists- right from your mobile device. When opted in, you will receive a text once a day per technologist conversation if you have a new message. Reply “STOP” to opt out and stop receiving SMS messages. 

NOTE: If you change your mind after sending “STOP” to opt out, you must opt back in by replying “START”. 

Dice will not auto-enroll you in SMS notifications; you must opt in from the Communication Preferences page or on your Recruiter Profile. 

A white background with black textDescription automatically generated 



Example of SMS alert received when you have a new unread message 


A screenshot of a message    Description automatically generated 

Opt in to SMS notifications from your recruiter profile 




Frequently Asked Questions

Will SMS messages be sent to Technologists and Recruiters?

  • Yes, both users will receive notifications.

  • We will only send the notification if you are offline when the message arrives.

Will Dice auto enroll me in SMS Notifications?

  • No. You will need to have your phone number AND opt in to receive SMS notifications.

What phone number will SMS Notifications come from?

  • Here is the phone number that texts will come from.  They will always be from the same number, so add this number to your contacts so you will recognize these Dice messages.
    • 631-240-0531

What happens when I click the link included in the SMS message?

  • Clicking the link in your text message notification will open in your mobile web browser, and prompt you to log in. You can then access your Message Center to respond to your unread message.


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