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Protecting Your Employer Account

Updated January 5, 2023

As cyber security continues to play an important role for nearly all businesses today, Dice is bringing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to its employer login experience.


How do I enroll in MFA?

  1. Log in to your Dice account with your username and password.
  2. After entering your login credentials, you will be prompted to opt into MFA by clicking Enable Authentication 


  3. After opting in, you will be prompted to select your verification method. Once selected, click Next.
    • The text message option will default to the mobile number found in your recruiter profile. If you do not have your mobile number listed on your profile, text message will not appear as an option.
    • The email option defaults to the email address that is associated with your Dice account. 
  4. Verify your selected communication option is correct, and click Send Code.
    • By selecting "Remember me on this device for 14 days", you will not have to reauthenticate MFA for 14 days upon selection. You can be remembered on a single device at a time.
      • If you have cleared your cache within those 14 days, you will need to reauthenticate MFA.
    • You will have a 3-minute window to input your code once you've clicked Send Code.
  5. Once you have received your 6-digit code, enter it into the designated box and click Next.


What are the benefits of enrolling in MFA?
MFA will enable greater security for all Dice clients, ensuring that your data is protected.

For technologists, MFA will provide greater peace of mind that their information is backed by a secure employer login – and ultimately create a more positive experience and growing community on Dice.


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