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Posting Remote Jobs

Updated August 21, 2020

Ensure your job is in compliance with our Remote Jobs Feature.

Our new Remote Jobs Feature is a valuable part of a candidate’s search ability… especially in the time of COVID.

Our ultimate goal at Dice is to build trust with our candidate pool. 

To ensure that only truly remote jobs are included in this feature, please be aware of the following guidelines for your posting:


  1. A remote job by definition is 100% remote. That is not the same as a work from home option where the candidate is still expected to go into the office … even occasionally.
  2. A remote job by definition is 100% remote … All of the time. So if the position is only remote for a short time … for instance, remote just during COVID …  it is not remote. Please do not use this feature for these type of positions.

As a reminder:

  • You have the ability to tag job posts as “remote” through both manual and batch job creation. 
  • For remote jobs, you no longer are required to add a location to the post.
  • Job posts using “100% Remote” or “Fully Remote” in the job title are automatically tagged as remote. 
  • Remote jobs will be included in Google for Jobs.
  • Job Search Cards and Job Detail Pages will display that the job is remote in the location field​.
  • Job Search shows results of remote jobs within any location search that matches skills.
    E.g. If a candidate is looking for jobs in Denver, remote positions that match the keyword search will be listed​


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