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What is IntelliSearch™ and how do I use it?

Updated February 19, 2020

IntelliSearch™ is the fastest and easiest way to find relevant and qualified tech candidates. 

It eliminates time spent building complex Boolean strings. Instead, it allows you to simply paste a job description or resume to get relevant candidate results in seconds. 

Not familiar with IntelliSearch™? Here's in introduction:


Finding top matching candidates is easy: 

  1. Copy and paste your full job description or ideal resume into our search field. Please note there is a 150-character minimum.
  2. Enter a job title and location.  
  3. Click Find Candidates.


Does the text I copy and paste into my IntelliSearch™ have to be a job description? 

No! You can copy and paste any text to match with, including resumes you are trying to match, articles, text from an RFP, etc. Please note there is a 150-character minimum.

Do I need to remove formatting, bullets, or other special characters from my job description when I use IntelliSearch™? 

No - you can leave these in and IntelliSearch™ will ignore them. 

What does the highlighted text in candidate results indicate? 

Highlighted text in candidate search results contains relevant words and phrases from your search criteria. For example, if you copied and pasted a job description for a Java Developer into the search field, highlighted text may include J2ee, Software, Scripting, etc. 

Can I save my IntelliSearch™ results? 

Yes – just like any other Dice Search, you can save your search results for future use, or set up email alerts for when new candidates match your search. 

How does IntelliSearch™ differ from Boolean Search?

IntelliSearch™ is the fastest and easiest way to find relevant and qualified tech candidates! We’ve made the process easier than ever.

Why is IntelliSearch™ better than traditional Booleans? 

Boolean logic asks simple questions, with either “yes” or “no” being the only possible answers. For example, “does this resume contain the word ‘Java’?” and the answer is a definitive “yes” or “no.” IntelliSearch™ leverages conceptual matching to not only ask “does this resume contain the word ‘Java’?” but also “what other words might someone use when listing Java skills?”

Does IntelliSearch™ support Boolean Search? 

IntelliSearch™ does not support Boolean search currently, but we are researching how our customers would want to use this functionality in the future.


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