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How are "profile views" counted?

Updated June 15, 2021

Viewing candidates on Dice gives you insights to millions of unique, skilled, and responsive tech professionals! 

A view is counted each time you click, download or share a candidate profile.

Once your available views run out, please contact your Customer Success Manager to continue to view the skilled tech professionals in TalentSearch.

Note: Accessing a profile through the TalentSearch API also counts as a view.

I share a bucket of views – how can I tell how many views I have remaining?

We value client feedback on this topic, so we're working on including this in your available reports.

However, if you need this information more quickly, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative who will be able to provide you detailed information on account usage.

Should you want to explore our products for TalentSearch, job postings, sourcing services, branding services and more, please reach out to your Sales Representative or call 1-800-979-DICE.


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