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Candidate | Dice iOS 3.13 – 3/2/2020

Updated March 20, 2020

The mobile app team is pleased to announce the release of Dice iOS 3.13, now available in the App Store!

Dice now supports saving and managing Job Alerts from your searches! When performing a search, you now have the option to save your search, keyword, and any filters to an email alert notifying you of any new jobs posted that meet your criteria.

From the Job Alerts tab, you can view alert details, change frequency, rename, and delete them by swiping on the saved alert. Tapping on the saved alert will re-run the search you associated with it. While on that search, you can make changes to your filters and either update your existing search or create a new one.

As always, we are continually optimizing performance to make your tech job search even better!


For fastest service at this time, we recommend you contact us by emailing techsupport@dice.comDice continues to support our tech candidates and clients with most of us working virtually.