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Employer | Applications Management – 12/10/2019

Updated June 24, 2020

We released a new version of Applications Management on December 10, 2019. 

We’ve reimagined how Dice clients manage candidate applications on our platform by updating the UI and UX to match Post a Job and Manage Jobs, as well as making client workflows much more efficient.

What’s new with Applications Management?

  • Preview pane for applicant information. Rather than having to click to an applicant’s Profile page, a client can now click the applicant card to see a preview pane with resume, cover letter and screener responses all available on the same page. 
  • Better sorting functionality. Clients can filter applicants by: 
  • Proprietary ‘Dice Match’ classification to job 
  • Most recent applicant 
  • Shortlisted applicants 
  • Viewed applicants 
  • Contacted applicants 
  • Applicants with notes  
  • Search functionality. Clients can search by applicant name or email to see that applicant instantly. 
  • Job cards with convenient details, including match level, application date, last viewed date by client, contacted date and any notes that were added. 
  • Match skills. Clients can see which of the applicant’s skills match to the job in the preview pane. 
  • More efficient rating capabilities. We added easy icons to shortlist an applicant, mark as not interested, share with a colleague, or report.  

How does Applications Management work?

From the Manage Jobs page, clients can see the jobs they’ve posted. To review applications, simply click on the Applicants section for that job.

Interested in Applications Management or posting jobs with Dice?

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