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Employer | Candidate Match – 10/7/2019

Updated June 24, 2020

We updated the Candidate Match service on October 7, 2019. 

Candidate Match helps recruiters quickly assess an applicant’s fit to a job posting. Using predictive analytics, it assigns a match level to each applicant to focus on the most qualified candidates first.

What’s new With Candidate Match?

  • Significantly improved matching algorithm
  • Millions of tech job postings reviewed to calibrate the semantic matching model
  • Identifies and differentiates skills based on the job posting text

How does Candidate Match work?

  • As candidates apply to a job posting, Candidate Match automatically reviews the applicant’s tech skills as well as their past, present and desired job titles to determine fit with the job.
  • Each applicant is placed into one of the five classifications, from Unlikely Match to Excellent Match, to highlight the most suitable candidates.

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