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Dice | Candidate Quality – 12/8/2020

Updated December 3, 2020

The Best Fraud Detection in Tech Hiring


Dice has spent the past two years focusing on a solution to one of the biggest issues in tech hiring: fake candidate profiles that waste time in the hiring process. 

We now believe our fraud detection solution is the best in the industry. A third-party analysis of our results confirms that 97% of the candidate profiles on the Dice platform belong to legitimate technologists. We deliver the leading technologist database because:  

  • Unmatched tech industry expertise enables Dice to uniquely determine the correct skills and classifications in candidate profiles   

  • Our state-of-the-art fraud detection uses Artificial Intelligence to identify which candidate search results and applications are fake and recruiter-represented candidates 

  • 97% confirmed self-represented candidates, as determined by a third-party evaluation of the Dice candidate database 

  • Real-time evaluation leverages Machine Learning to improve our model and catch fake profiles before our clients waste time on them 

  • Our dedicated compliance team provides a human touch with manual profile reviews and uses client feedback to improve our model

We help clients hire more efficiently by only engaging with confirmed, skilled tech candidates.

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