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Dice | Instant Messaging - 11/17/2020

Updated June 15, 2021

Live as of November 17, 2020: Dice Instant Messaging 

Instant Messaging is the next step in the evolution of Dice, building to a comprehensive and flexible platform through which recruiters and candidates can rapidly and confidently search, match and communicate in real-time. 

Instant Messaging enables direct, transparent conversations between employers and technologists through the Dice platform. 

 How does Dice Instant Messaging work? 

  • Indicators have been added to recruiter profiles, technologist profiles and applications. 

  • A green circle on the user's profile photo shows a user is online. 

  • Send message buttons have been included in the recruiter and candidate experiences, allowing for instant connections.

  • Messages sent while both users are online will instantly connect them through messaging tools. 

  • Messages sent while one party or the other is offline will be emailed to the user. 

 Dice instant messaging example.
Dice instant messaging example.

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