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Dice | Remote Jobs Beta - 5/12/20

Updated October 21, 2020

Remote Jobs is now live for Dice clients and candidates! 

Dice clients now have a way to designate a job post as remote, without an onsite location. During this Beta, we are not charging clients an additional fee for the added exposure their jobs receives when remote jobs are viewed by candidates across the U.S. 

Tech Professionals on Dice can now easily filter their job searches for remote-only jobs as well as have these jobs delivered directly to their inbox with a saved search.

What’s New? 

For clients: 

  • The ability to tag job posts as “remote” through both manual and batch job creation. 
  • For remote jobs, clients are no longer required to add a location to their post. 
  • Job posts using “100% Remote” or “Fully Remote” in the job title are automatically tagged as remote. 


For candidates: 

  • For any job search they perform, they can now add a “Remote Only” filter. 
  • They can also save alerts utilizing this filter to receive remote-only opportunities in their inbox. 


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