The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Tech Career

Art Zeile , CEO of Dice


Interested in breaking into the technology industry? Already a technologist, and curious about how you can take your career to new heights? No matter where you are, The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Tech Career can help take you wherever you want to go.

The guide offers advice on everything from landing your first role to excelling in upper management — and all the pivotal moments in between. It also explores some of today’s most important issues, including the critical rise of remote and hybrid work, the importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) efforts (and how you can make an impact) and more.

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Whether you aspire to a tech role in the future or are already a technologist gaining valuable experience, you’re no doubt wondering if (and how) you can build a successful technology career. You’ve seen how a single technology professional with a great idea and execution can change the world; you also know that a career in technology is a potential pathway to a great salary and financial stability.

Over the past few quarters, you might have noticed some tech companies initiating hiring freezes and even layoffs. Those stories might have you doubting whether a career in tech is a great idea right now. Fortunately, these layoffs aren’t the whole story: overall hiring in tech remains robust, with organizations across the country seeking technologists skilled in a variety of disciplines.

Companies are also more than happy to pay extraordinary salaries to technologists with the right mix of skills and experience. Regardless of the current state of the economy, there remains a critical need among organizations both within and outside the traditional tech sphere for technologists who can build websites, manage networks and defend the tech stack against internal and external threats.

We hope our guide provides you the tools you need to build an exciting, fulfilling and lucrative career as a technology professional.

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