Technical Lead

  • Cleveland, OH
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Up to $150,000
Full Time


"technical lead"

Job Details

Technical Team Lead

FTE with client

Cleveland, OH (4 days a week onsite)

  1. The position is considered more of a Technical Lead, as opposed to just Team Lead, meaning they need to have a high degree of knowledge within our tech stack. Experience leading/mentoring others.
  2. Applicants need to have experience with Azure and Microsoft technologies.
  3. Leads will oversee groups ranging from 3-10 other Engineers.
  4. Leads will have direct interaction with Architects, BA's, Scrum Masters, and QA s.
  5. Leads will act as mentor to lower-level Engineers, assisting with coding and offering direction to these lower-level Team members.
  6. Leads will be involved with actual coding as much as 40-50% of the time.
  7. Applicants should show a steady work history.
  8. Applicants will be working with domestic Teams, not offshore.
  9. Applicants must have excellent communications skills.
  10. Applicants must be able to work on a 4/1 in-office plan.