Chief Technology Officer (CTO) GS15


On Site
$160,000 - $19,000
Full Time


chief technology officer
chief technical architect
senior technical architect
technical architect
chief information officer
chief program officer
IT program manager
IT project manager
IT system director
IT system lead

Job Details

Chief Technical Officer - CTO GS15

Location: Washington DC


Position Summary

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO_ is the senior IT official responsible for all IT staff and IT systems, in the Maritime Administration and U.S. Merchant Marines Academy, which includes the United States Merchant Marine Academy. The Technical Lead position is located in Washington DC and collaborates and receives guidance from the Office of Secretary, Office of Chief Information Officer related to cybersecurity, workforce, and IT modernization.


Essential Functions

  • Oversees all IT services and systems which includes planning, development, implementation, and operations and maintenance as a member of the IT leadership team.
  • Provides direction in the technical areas of networking, data center, telecom, video teleconferencing, end-user applications both COTS and custom, desktops and disaster recovery. In addition, provide cyber security technology and initiatives support.
  • Provides oversight and leadership of IT projects that enable program offices to successfully perform business functions and mission objectives. ]
  • Ensures IT systems and investments adhere to all relevant federal laws, regulations, standards, and DOT policies and guidance.
  • Maintains a strong collaboration with Dept of Transportation Office of the Chief Information Officer DOT OCIO, and other IT leaders within the department, and external partners to foster innovative technological solutions.
  • Complies with DOT OCIO FITARA (Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act) authorities and other Federal requirements including, but not limited to IT budget and IT spend plan processes.


Preferred Experience

  • Senior Technology officer or Technical Lead experience with enterprise level experience.
  • Senior level experience analyzing and formulating broad program, technical, and administrative policies and procedures needed for strategic planning, executing, and deploying various IT products and services.
  • Senior level experience developing strategic, long-range, and tactical plans to accomplish the mission, strategic goals, and corporate management strategies.
  • Expert in complying with federal and Department wide policies and governance process including, but not limited to IT budget and IT spend plan processes


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