ITSM CMDB / Data Analysis expertise- 100% Remote role - Canada/LATAM Based


Depends on Experience
Accepts corp to corp applications
Contract - W2
Contract - Independent
Contract - 12 Month(s)
Able to Provide Sponsorship


Data integrity
Configuration Management Database
Configuration Management
Configuration Identification
Data Quality

Job Details

ITSM CMDB / Data Analysis expertise 100% Remote (Near Shore - Canada/Latin America) Long term Contract

Job Description: Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Maintenance: The Asset and Configuration Manager is responsible for managing and maintaining the CMDB in ServiceNow. This involves ensuring accurate and up-to-date information about all configuration items (CIs) within the IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and other assets.
Configuration Identification: Working with different teams to identify and define configuration items (CIs) in the CMDB. This involves understanding the relationships between CIs and their dependencies to create a comprehensive configuration model.
Configuration Item Relationships: Establishing and maintaining relationships between various configuration items in the CMDB, such as parent-child relationships, dependency relationships, and service relationships, to understand the impact of incidents or changes.
Data Integrity and Quality: Ensuring that data in the CMDB is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Regularly auditing the CMDB to identify and resolve data discrepancies.
Reporting and Analytics: Generating reports and providing insights into the configuration data to support decision-making processes and help identify areas for improvement.
Documentation and Documentation Management: Maintaining documentation related to configuration items, asset details, and CMDB processes.
Collaboration with Other Teams: Working closely with other IT teams, such as IT Service Management, IT Operations, and IT Security, to support their needs related to configuration and asset management.
Continuous Improvement: Identifying areas for process improvement and implementing best practices to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of asset and configuration management processes.
Training and Awareness: Conducting training sessions and raising awareness among stakeholders about the importance of asset and configuration management practices.
These responsibilities are essential to maintaining accurate information about the IT environment, enabling better decision-making, and ensuring the organization's compliance with industry standards and regulations.