Enterprise RightFax Service Administrator

  • Pleasanton, CA
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Accepts corp to corp applications
Contract - W2
Contract - 12 month(s)


Enterprise RightFax

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Tittle:Enterprise RightFax Service administrator
Location:Pleasanton , CA
Duration:12 Months
Enterprise RightFax Service administrator
10-15 yrs
Enterprise RightFax Service administration
The Enterprise RightFax Service include compute, storage, backup/recovery, capacity, and associated Services, in each case using Customer-provided equipment and Customer-provided software.
TCS provides a fully configured, tested, proactively monitored, stable, and operable Enterprise RightFax Service environment and associated solutions that are managed and delivered in a high-quality manner and available for end-users in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Agreement, including the following:
Electronic fax Services (RightFax)
From a business outcome perspective, an operable Enterprise RightFax Service includes:
The environment consists of the operation of systems, maintenance of software, management of Incidents, Problems, and Changes, and Level 2 and Level 3 technical support.
Services are running and available 24x7 (unless during an approved outage via the Change Management process) to end-users and delivered to Customer requirements, including end-user response times in accordance with applicable Service Levels and Key Performance Metrics
Services and solutions, including ERS equipment and software, are maintained, and kept current through proactive asset and lifecycle management, including initiating reviews, obtaining Customer approvals, and implementing updates to the environment (e.g., patching, upgrade, rebuild, refresh, etc.)
System capacity, performance, and utilization are proactively managed to avoid capacity constraints, including reporting and reviews with Customer and ongoing capacity planning and management to ensure the ability to scale Services to meet current and future Customer demands. This includes managing a minimum capacity buffer based on Customer requirements as documented in the Methods and Procedures Manual to avoid and mitigate capacity issues
Sustainment of Production, Development, Test, and Quality Assurance environments
General Enterprise RightFax Service (ERS) include the following activities:
Supporting all ERS equipment, software, and related technologies currently deployed in the Customer environment, as well as any new or upgraded ERS technologies/infrastructure in accordance with the KP's Release and Change Management procedures (Refer to Section 3.6)
Providing recommendations and assisting Customer with planning and roadmap reviews on service performance and implementation of continuous improvement opportunities for all Enterprise RightFax Service
Supporting proactive Lifecycle Management of Systems including all lifecycle management activities
Recommending and proactively implementing agreed tooling and monitoring to effectively monitor and report on capacity and utilization (for example, ERS system utilization/capacity, devices)
Providing input to Customer on Customer's ERS policies (for example, message size, mailbox size, attachment size, mail directories, content filtering) and implementing Customer-approved messaging
Proactively managing utilization of ERS systems and infrastructure including:
o Right-sizing of systems
o System utilization (for example: storage, CPU, threads, electronic fax channel utilization)
ServiceNow (INC, CHG, RLS & SCTASK) history reports (as identified in the Key Performance Measurements (KPM)
Related technologies
Basic SQL server skills including the ability to write and run basic reports
Ability to discuss the telephony aspects of support with the 3rd party telco provider
IIS skills needed to support the Rightfax web interface
Knowledge of Active Directory and Exchange as it relates to Rightfax support