HLS Synthesis Engineer


Depends on Experience
Contract - W2
Contract - Independent
Contract - 12 Month(s)


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Job Details

HLS Synthesis Engineer

6+ contracts


Required skills - System C/C++, System Verilog and Catapult HLS tool.

We are looking for a candidate who has a background in High Level Synthesis, Catapult, SystemC, C++ and who can understand hardware.

Our team is working on exploring solutions aiming to improve the flow of digital circuit design using innovative technologies and design methodologies. We are looking for individuals who can help create design flow alternatives to the traditional one using High-Level Synthesis functionalities.

The work will include, replacing existing RTL designs with functionally equivalent HLS-generated ones, improving performance of existing target designs, verifying the generated RTL with industry standard verification flows, and generating a gate-level implementation of the implemented functionality. This requires expertise in System C/C++, System Verilog, and Catapult HLS tool. The candidate must have knowledge of an end-to-end design flow, starting from the design specifications up to the gate-level implementation passing through design verification. The candidate should be comfortable debugging hardware using waveform viewers and should be familiar with HLS based optimizations.

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