Big Data Engineer

Contract: Independent, W2

    Job Description

    Big Data Engineer

    12-month contract

    Job Description:

    CSI Companies is looking to hire a Big Data Engineer that can design, build, and operationalize large-scale enterprise data solutions and applications using one or more AWS data and analytics services in combination with 3rd parties like Spark, EMR, RedShift, Lambda, Glue. This includes designing and building production data pipelines from ingestion to consumption within a big data architecture, using Java, and Python.

    Yearly Total Pay: $75 per hour

    LOCATION: Alpharetta, GA (Hybrid Tues-Thurs in office)

    • Work experience with ETL, Data Modeling, and Data Architecture.
    • Skilled in writing and optimizing SQL.
    • Experience operating very large data warehouses or data lakes.
    • Design and implement data engineering, ingestion, and curation functions on AWS cloud using AWS native or custom programming.
    • Experience with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop/Hive/Spark.

    • Experience in designing and highly implementing performant data ingestion pipelines from multiple sources using Apache Spark and/or Azure Databricks.
    • Show efficiency in handling data - tracking data lineage, ensuring data quality, and improving discoverability of data.
    • Comfortable using PySpark APIs to perform advanced data transformations.
    • Familiarity with implementing classes with Python.
    • Integrating end-to-end data pipeline to take data from source systems to target data repositories ensuring the quality and consistency of data is always maintained.