Technical Business Analyst (Preferable USC)


$100,000 - $110,000
Contract - Independent
Contract - 2 Year(s)


Business Analyst
Computer Science
Detail - Oriented
Problem - Solving
Relationship Management
User Acceptance Testing
attention to detail
business analysis
digital transformation
interpersonal skills
strategic analysis

Job Details

ben aara

4:19PM (2 minutes ago)
Position Overview:
We are actively seeking a highly skilled Technical Business Analyst with at least 5 - 8 years of proven
experience. Our ideal candidate excels in distilling complex business requirements, engaging
deeply with stakeholders, and crafting precise technical solutions that propel our projects forward.
This pivotal role others the opportunity to significantly contribute to organizations continued growth
and success through innovative problem-solving and strategic analysis.
Key Responsibilities:
• Strategic Documentation and Analysis: Spearhead the documentation and analysis of
both business and functional requirements, crafting them into comprehensive process
maps and detailed technical system specifications. Your work will set the foundation for
transformative solutions.
• Architectural and Conceptual Framework Development: Generate essential
documentation that adheres to and surpasses organizational standards, including system
architectural blueprints, wireframes, and operational concepts, along with regular status
reports to keep all stakeholders informed.
• Executive Communication and Briefing: Design and deliver high-level briefings and
communications materials. Your ability to distill complex information into concise,
impactful messages will engage and inform customers, management, and executive-level
• Collaborative Solution Crafting: In partnership with engineers and implementation
experts, you will forge best-in-class solutions for digital transformation projects, embodying
innovation and excellence in every initiative.
• Process and Data Optimization: Utilize your analytical prowess to dissect business
processes and data, identifying and implementing enhancements that streamline
operations and drive eHiciency.
• Standards Development and Implementation: Establish and execute a comprehensive
set of business analysis standards utilizing leading-edge tools (e.g., Microsoft and Atlassian
suite) to simplify and refine complex product data into accessible and compelling content.
• Stakeholder Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain robust relationships with
key stakeholders, ensuring a seamless alignment of project objectives and executive

• Cross-functional Coordination: Skillfully identify and manage cross-team dependencies,
fostering collaboration and synergy across departments to achieve unified project goals.
• Lifecycle Project Support: Provide unwavering support to project teams from inception
through to delivery, including oversight during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and the
implementation phases, ensuring flawless execution.
• Client Relationship and Satisfaction: Actively pursue opportunities to elevate client
satisfaction, nurturing enduring relationships that contribute to sustained business growth
and client loyalty.
Candidate Profile & Qualifications:
• Educational and Professional Background: You hold a bachelor’s degree in business
administration, Computer Science, or a related field, complemented by a minimum of 4
years of experience in business analysis. A background in engineering is highly desirable,
providing a solid foundation for understanding and innovating within technical
• Technical Expertise and Methodological Agility: You are well-versed in both phase-based
and Agile delivery methodologies, adept at employing a range of business analysis tools to
achieve project objectives. Your proficiency extends across the Microsoft OHice suite,
Atlassian tools, SQL, and Postman API, enabling you to tackle and streamline complex
• Analytical and Architectural Skill Set: Your expertise in analyzing relational data and
architecting both process maps and dataflow journeys is paramount. These skills allow you
to dissect and reconfigure information pathways, optimizing operations for effective and
• Problem-Solving and Communication: With strong analytical and problem-solving
abilities, you approach challenges with a solutions-oriented mindset. Your excellent
communication and interpersonal skills ensure that complex technical concepts are
conveyed with clarity, fostering understanding and collaboration across diverse teams.
• Detail-Oriented and Independent: A keen attention to detail and strong documentation
skills are essential, ensuring accuracy and comprehensiveness in every project phase.
While capable of working independently, you also thrive in collaborative settings, engaging
effectively with team members to drive collective success.

Work Location Assignment: on premise 3 days a week