Software Application Programmer/Coder - II

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    Job Description

    Location: Temple Terrace, FL
    Description: Our client is currently seeking a Software Application Programmer/Coder - II

    Responsible for all aspects of the development & implementation of one large project and provides a single point of contact for those projects - original concept thru final implementation.

    Functional Expert: Acts independently or member of a highly skilled technical team responsible for fulfilling complex business requirements with the implementation of reliable & efficient automated solutions; may be enterprise wide initiatives

    Technical Requirements

    Experienced in all of the following:

    Data and Structures -- Relational database normalization -- Object to Relational Mapping, Class Table, Concrete Table and Single Table Inheritance -- Datatypes, typecasting -- Custom load, extract -- Translations, encoding, format conversions Database systems and clients -- Maria/MySQL 5.x and up -- Oracle -- SQL Server -- FTTDS Object Oriented Software Engineering -- Class inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation -- Ruby 2.x -- Ruby on Rails 4.x and up -- Gems/Github, gg services, etc.

    Web Technologies/languages/markup -- HTML -- XML -- Restful services -- Web Services, APIs -- CSS -- Javascript, JQuery, Node.js -- Nginx/Phusion Passenger -- AJAX Server Systems -- Linux, OpenSuse (Leap 15), Redhat -- Iptables -- virtual machine server deployments, remote console, etc -- XEN, KVM, VMWare -- deployments, os installation, security practices Networking -- SSH, tunneling -- HTTPS -- misc tcp and upd services Mail servers -- Postfix, Amivirus, etc. Misc -- shell -- shell scripting, cron, netcat, netstat, vi, rsync, xfs, extfs, btrfs, top, htop, df, du, sudo -- compilers -- package managers zypper Development approaches -- Agile/RAD -- Experience in all positions of SDLC Telelcomm -- networking components, composition, statistics, interfaces -- provisioning concepts -- service composition -- business WAN/LAN and other services -- voice concepts, pots, voip, hunt groups, trunking, etc. Inventory -- Asset lifecycle management

    Business and Statistical Analysis -- UML, BPM -- Proper use of Aggregate functions and applied visualizations


    Expert in full systems development lifecycle process

    Proficient in Business Objects

    Databases: MySql/MariaDB, Oracle

    Databases: server administration, create scripts and stored procedures

    Programming: Ruby (2.x), Rails Framework (4.x) (MVC) ? OS: Linux/Unix

    Web server: Apache, Nginx, Phusion Passenger

    Development: IDE

    Eclipse, Rubymine, Aptana. Linux or UNIX Shell scripts, cron jobs

    Version Control: Subversion, Git

    Utilities: GIMP, diff, hexdump

    Analysis & Design: Object Oriented UML using one of these: Rational Rose, TogetherSoft, Visual Paradigm, other Object-oriented programming


    Bachelors degree. Generally requires minimum of 6 yrs. experience in a related discipline.


    Shift: Position is standard 9-5 shift, limited on-call work required.


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