Broadband Architect / RDKB Architect


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Accepts corp to corp applications
Contract - Independent
Contract - W2
Contract - 6 month(s)


Project Management
Best Practices
Network Security
Wireless Technologies
Technical Requirements
Web server
Control Systems
Quality Assurance
Embedded Systems
Software Requirements
Version Control
Device Drivers
Software Architecture

Job Details

At least 12-15 years experience in working with development of broadband devices and its releated components.
* Understanding of embedded systems and experience working with low-level hardware, including an understanding of CPU architectures, memory management, and device drivers.
Proficiency in Linux and experience in configuring, customizing, and building Linux distributions, as RDK-B is built on top of Linux.
Strong programming skills in C and C++, which are the primary languages used in RDK-B development.
Familiarity with networking protocols, including TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, and VLANs and other relevant protocols for networking devices.
Knowledge of the Yocto build system.
Understanding of the Linux kernel, as RDK-B often involves kernel-level customization. This includes kernel configuration, device drivers, and kernel modules.
Understanding of Linux system programming.
Lead the design and development of software architecture, defining the structure and components of complex systems. Create architectural blueprints that guide the development team.
You should have experience in defining the architecture for at least one broadband component.
Proficiency with version control systems like Git for managing code repositories and collaboration with other developers.
Scripting skills in shell languages like Bash for automation and scripting tasks in RDK-B
Awareness of security best practices, as network devices need to be secure. This includes understanding encryption, authentication, and network security.
Understanding of wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, and how to configure wireless interfaces in RDK-B
Familiarity with web-based user interfaces and web server technologies. RDK-B often includes web interfaces for configuration.
Proficiency in debugging tools and techniques, as embedded systems can be challenging to troubleshoot.
Good project management skills to plan, prioritize, and execute tasks effectively, especially when working on complex, long-term projects.
Active participation in the RDK-B community and an understanding of its development processes and culture.
The ability to adapt to evolving technologies and software requirements as RDK-B and the networking landscape change.
Designs new software and web applications, supports applications under development and customizes current applications. Develops software update processes for existing applications. Assists in the roll-out of software releases.
Keeps current with technological developments within the industry. Monitors and evaluates competitive applications and products. Reviews literature, patents and current practices relevant to the solution of assigned projects.
Works with Quality Assurance team to determine if applications fit specification and technical requirements. Tests and evaluates systems, subsystems, and components.
Presents and defends architectural, design and technical choices to internal and external audiences.

Top Skills:
1. Strong in C/C++, Linux internals, device drivers, Kernal configurations
2. Yocto build system, Networking
3. Good understanding of wireless technologies primarily wifi and its interfaces.

Additional Information:
The candidate must have vast experience in broadband device development.

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