Senior Engineer : Java Back End ML06


Full Time
Contract - W2
Contract - Independent
Contract - term contract



Job Details

Top Skills

J2ee stack : EJB, JPA, JMS, JTA, JCA, JSP and Servlets. JAAS,

JAVA microservices : Spring boot , Legacy modernization patterns

Oracle stack : PL SQL, Oracle administration ( backup, recovery, and performance tuning), Database Change Management (Liquibase or Flyway), Oracle Performance Tuning

JBOSS : JBOSS administration, Deployment on JBOSS, Server optimization ( JVM configs , thread pools, jboss configs), Persistence configs/ JNDI, Monitoring using Console , Jprofiler

API Testing : Rest assured , TestNG , Junit

Other skills Google Cloud Platform knowhow , Docker , Kubernetes, Maven, GitHub

Responsibilities Key Responsibilities:

J2EE Monolithic Backend Maintenance (JBoss):

  • Continuously monitor and maintain the J2EE monolithic application running on the JBoss application server.

  • Identify and resolve software defects, application crashes, and performance issues specific to the JBoss environment.

  • Implement codebase improvements, optimizations, and refactoring to enhance maintainability and scalability, considering JBoss-specific configurations.

  • In-depth understanding of the trade-offs and best practices around common architectural cross cutting concerns such as authentication/authorization, session and transaction handling, exception and logging and others.

  • Configure and manage the JBoss server to align with application requirements and performance goals.

  • Ensure compliance with security best practices and relevant regulations for both the application and the JBoss server.

  • Collaborate with other teams to integrate the backend with external services and APIs.

API Automation Suite Management and Enhancement:

  • Manage and maintain our API automation suite, ensuring its effectiveness and reliability.

  • Enhance and expand the suite to cover new features and functionality as the application evolves.

  • Develop automated test scripts for APIs, ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

  • Execute automated test suites, analyze results, and report defects to the development team.

  • Work closely with developers and QA teams to align automation efforts with testing needs.

  • Stay up to date with industry best practices in API testing and test automation.

J2EE Monolith Modernization to Microservices:

  • Actively participate in the modernization effort to transition the monolithic application to a microservices architecture.

  • Collaborate with architects and development teams to identify and refactor monolithic components into microservices.