Product Manager-Project to Close


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Business cases
User experience
Oracle Fusion
Stakeholder management
Return on investment
Cost reduction
Risk management
Risk assessment
Project costing
Thought leadership
Emerging technologies
Organizational change management
Project portfolio management

Job Details

Job Summary:

The Product Manager is a senior-level position that requires a deep understanding of the ?Project to Close? value stream and the company?s key personas. This leader orchestrates cross-functional collaboration, driving innovation and optimizing user experience within the Staffing and Services domain, leveragingOracle Fusion?s PPM suite to steer Allegis?s strategic priorities.

The Product Manager must effectively integrate, motivate, and build relationships with all Staffing and Services operating company stakeholders, executives, and other individuals or organizations involved with the end-to-end product life cycle to optimize user experience and drive performance efficiencies

One of the primary goals of this position is to establish the portfolio?s product vision, strategy, and roadmap to drive how Allegis will utilize commercial of the shelf (COS) products like Oracle Fusion?s PPM suite. The Product Manager helps drive innovation and delivery for their products within Project to Close value stream to achieve the operating companies? strategic priorities.


Essential Functions:

The Product Manager must have a deep understanding of the Project to Close value stream and the company's key personas. Partnering with Staffing and Services Operating company stakeholders these skills will be utilized to complete the following key functions:

  • Strategic Alignment and Vision Crafting: Develop a compelling product vision and strategy for the Project to Close value stream that aligns with the organization's strategic objectives. Present and gain alignment to this vision to senior business leaders, highlighting the market opportunities and potential business impact. Effectively communicate Product Vision to delivery teams to influence prioritization.
  • Executive Communication and Stakeholder Management: Effectively communicate the product roadmap, priorities, and key decisions to senior business leaders, including C-suite executives and department heads. Tailor communication to address concerns and interests of stakeholders with strong opinions, leveraging data and insights to support arguments. Utilize stakeholder relationships and management strategies to gain alignment and build advocacy.
  • Influencing and Negotiation: Navigate differing opinions and perspectives among stakeholders to drive consensus and alignment on product direction and priorities. Use persuasive communication and negotiation skills to advocate for strategic decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration and Alignment: Foster collaboration and alignment across cross-functional teams by facilitating discussions and decision-making processes involving senior business leaders. Utilize knowledge of dependent processes to highlight connections across functional teams and drive collaboration as needed.
  • ROI Analysis and Business Case Development: Develop compelling business cases and ROI analyses to justify investment in the Project to Close value stream. Quantify the potential value proposition, cost savings, and revenue opportunities to secure buy-in from senior business leaders.
  • Risk Management and Mitigation Strategy: Anticipate potential objections and concerns from stakeholders and proactively address them with risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans. Present a comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation plan to instill confidence in the success of the project.
  • Executive Reporting and KPI Tracking: Develop executive-level dashboards and reports that showcase the performance of the COS project costing application against key KPIs. Provide senior business leaders with clear, actionable insights into how the product is delivering value and driving outcomes aligned with strategic objectives
  • Thought Leadership and Industry Insights: Stay abreast of industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies relevant to COS project costing. Share thought leadership and insights with senior business leaders to inform strategic decision-making and maintain a competitive edge.


Minimum Education and/or Experience:

  • 7 + years? experience
  • Previous experience driving transformations
  • Oracle Fusion?s PPM a plus


  • Product Visionary ? Innovation minded
  • Agile Mindset Defined by Values and Principles
  • Reflection & Inquiry focus
  • Continual Learning and Improvement
  • Cultivates a ?team first? mentality
  • Quickly resolve challenges and removes roadblocks
  • Communication and Command skills
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Making complex decisions
  • Viewed as a change agent to drive adoption for newly released features and capabilities

Core Competencies:

  • Build relationships
  • Develop people
  • Lead change
  • Inspire Others
  • Think critically
  • Communicate clearly
  • Create accountability