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How can I report a misrepresented job listing?

Updated June 15, 2021

We’re committed to continually improving the quality of jobs posted on Dice. 

We always appreciate your help in reporting language in jobs that is incomplete, misrepresented, or discriminatory. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us guide employers and improve our algorithms and processes.

Some examples of misrepresented jobs include: 

  • Nontech jobs
  • Jobs posted as remote but are temporarily remote, such as only during COVID-19 
  • Jobs posted as remote, including a “work from home” benefit instead of full-time remote status 
  • Jobs posted as remote but do not include remote status in the job description
  • Jobs posted in one location but are located in another
  • Jobs posted for a position that is no longer open
  • Jobs posted requiring the candidate(s) to pay for training

For more information on what is and is not allowed, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If you notice a questionable job listing or any potential misuse of the Dice site, please report the job for our Compliance team to investigate by following these simple steps: 

  1. On the top-right of the job detail page, click Report a poor listing
  2. Select the appropriate reason and enter an explanation. 
  3. Click Submit

Report a poor listing.


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