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Finding Tech Professionals

Updated May 23, 2024

This page is your comprehensive guide to leveraging the main search features and tools available on Dice to streamline your candidate search process. In the following sections, we will walk you through the fundamentals of conducting effective searches using the Dice database, including Intellisearch, Boolean search, and saved searches. We will also explore advanced techniques, such as utilizing location search and toggles to refine your search results. Additionally, we will introduce you to Unbiased Sourcing Mode, a feature designed to mitigate bias and promote a fair evaluation of candidates.    


Search 101 

In this video you will review the first steps to how to use the Dice database. You will see how to use Intellisearch, Boolean, saved searches, and adjusting your queries.

Once you have started searching, you can then view candidates;  when you open a profile, that counts as a view on your account. Tags on your account can help create groups for projects you are working on; to access tags go to the top of your page TalentSearch < Interaction History. Within the Interaction History tab, you will be able to review not only Tags, but also candidates you have previously viewed, and saved searches.

In Search 201 you will review some best practices with features like the location search bar to help find more relevant technology professionals.


Search 201 

In this video you will review searching for candidates with further toggles. Some key helpful tools to use are time zones in the location field, such as “Eastern Time Zone.” To exclude locations, simply type in the area, click the “plus” button, then click the “no” symbol. Keep in mind that when selecting a city, the default radius is 50 miles, as a result for larger metropolitan areas, try increasing the distance to find more candidates.

In Search 301 you will review how to build a Boolean string equation from start to finish.


Search 301 

Boolean is one of the main ways to find candidates on Dice. The main functions you need to know about are: AND - OR - NOT - () - “”. Booleans need parenthesis on the left and right side of your query because this is an equation you’re building to search the database. The AND function means you have to have ALL words within your parenthesis grouping, the OR function means you have to have 1 word from the grouping, and the NOT function omits keywords. Use the “quotation marks” as needed for any keyword that has spacing or punctuation, example: “.net” or “amazon web services”. Lastly, don’t forget to adjust your Booleans throughout by adjusting and changing the keywords.


Unbiased Sourcing 

Mitigate bias and unconscious bias in your sourcing process with Unbiased Sourcing Mode. You can anonymize candidate information, commonly associated with unconscious bias, allowing you to focus on the most qualified candidates for your roles. Toggle the option on with a single click to anonymize factors commonly associated with different forms of bias, such as name, background, schools and more. This filter remains on across all parts of your searching, until you fully turn the toggle dial off.


Master Classes

Did you know that Dice hosts Master Class training sessions to help provide sourcing tips for hard to fill roles?   

Click here to access our recordings from past classes.   If you are interested in attending a live event, contact your Client Success Partner for our upcoming schedule!




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