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Integration Capabilities & Instructions

Updated June 28, 2023

Here we will review integrating your systems with Dice and how to optimize your recruitment efforts. If your applicant tracking system ATS is compatible with Dice, your dedicated Account Team can assist you in the integration process. Below are helpful instructions for getting started and understanding the set-up process. For ATS platforms that are not currently integrated, we can provide steps to request a Dice Partnership. Additionally, we will cover the details of posting jobs via a batch from your ATS and setting up a Job Bot to automatically scrape and post job listings on Dice.  



Looking to optimize your hiring process? In this video, we dive into the world of integrations on, the leading technology job board. If you're using an applicant tracking system (ATS), there's a good chance you can integrate it with Dice. Simply reach out to your dedicated Account Team, who will check if your current provider is partnered with Dice. If integration is possible, your Client Success Partner will send you an addendum to kickstart the process. Once signed, Dice will configure the integration, and your Account Team will provide you with your credentials, also known as a "secret key." While the integration typically takes 5 to 10 business days, it might require more time for unique ATS platforms. If your ATS isn't currently integrated, your Account Team can provide steps to request a Dice Partnership, although highly specialized technologies may pose integration challenges.



In this video you will see key details on how to post via a batch from your ATS. A batch file is an email-based process allowing jobs to automatically posted. This is done via your ATS, such as Greenhouse, Bullhorn, or JobDiva. While setting up a Batch with Dice, keep these details on the ready throughout: company name, dice account number, Dice group ID, ATS Vendor Name, email address for the batch user, batch user’s password. Most importantly, have your ATS email to:



In this video you will see how to set-up a Job Bot with Dice. A Job Bot is a computer program that automatically scrapes postings from a URL, XML, JSON, or FTP site/file and posts those onto Dice. Work with your Dice Client Success Partner and account management team to set this up. Pulling key information from your side to Dice can take some back and forth, so be specific on what you request. Keep in mind that if you want the Bot to pull jobs containing a key hastag, such as #Dice or #TechRecruiting, please note that #Dice and #dice are entirely different to the bot, so please be cognizant about adjustments made to the bot.



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