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Posting a Job on Dice

Updated June 28, 2023

We understand that effectively advertising your job openings is crucial to attracting top talent in the tech industry. This page will guide you through the process of posting jobs on Dice, covering various posting methods (manual, batch, or bot) and best practices to maximize the visibility and quality of your job postings. Each method has its own benefits and considerations, and our account management team can provide guidance when choosing the best approach for your organization. Additionally, we'll address compliance and anti-discrimination practices, ensuring your job postings adhere to ethical and legal guidelines.     


Jobs 101 

In this video you will see an overview of the different job-posting methods; manually, batch, and bot. Manually posted jobs are through your direct Dice Employer login. Batch means you will submit jobs via a batch system, or your ATS, to Bots can grab jobs from your career site, coded feed, or submitted files and post on your behalf. Each method of posting jobs has benefits and trade-offs, so consult your account management team for which is best for you.

Up next is Jobs 201 on how to help drive traffic and create the best job posting for your needs.


Jobs 201 

In this video you will review best practices when posting jobs to Dice. This includes key details around job titles, best practices, and job description length and reasoning why. Most importantly is selecting and toggling as many of the options as possible because candidates can search by the skills, job title, salary range, etc. To review jobs on your Dice Employer account, go to Jobs < manage jobs. Here you will be able to edit, remove, duplicate, and review applicants. If filling a job is difficult and you cannot find the right candidates, then Sourcing Services is a service that can help with sourcing and provided candidates. Consult your account management team if this is right for you.

In the next video, Jobs 301, you will learn about compliance, citizenship, and key phrasings to avoid.


Jobs 301  

In this video you will review discriminatory language and subsequent anti-discrimination practices. Do not post jobs that discriminate against he/she, citizenship, immigration status, permit holding, language, national origin, age, genetic identification, race, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, family, marital, or service member status, etc. Alternative phrases that could be used in job postings are provided. Though always check for updates from the Department of Justice.


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