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How do I post a job?

Updated September 8, 2022

Job postings help you find candidates that are exclusive to Dice. 


Posting a job on Dice puts your opportunity in front of unique, skilled, and active tech professionals who are looking for their next great job. Based on independent research, more than half of our candidates are exclusive to Dice, and many are not searchable in our database.

Job postings are a critical way to get visibility with tech candidates, especially within our huge audience who receives daily or weekly job alert emails, and within the Dice job amplification network.

Below are the steps needed in order to post your jobs to Dice. Should you want to explore our offerings for additional job posting enhancements, sourcing services, branding services and more, please reach out to your Sales Representative or call 1-800-979-DICE.

To get started:

    1. Log into Dice at
    2. On the top left of the page, click Jobs and select Post a Job.
    3. Job Title - Be concise on the job title. Those with approximately 20 characters tend to perform the best.
    4. Job ID - If applicable, enter a Job ID. There are no spaces or special characters allowed, and 14 characters is the maximum. If no Job ID is entered, a Job ID will automatically be generated upon saving.
    5. Job Location - Select Remote if the job can be done 100% remotely, even beyond COVID (see Remote Job best practices), or select On Site to enter a location. If selecting On Site, a city, state, or zip code is required. Both options can be selected. For onsite jobs that have the option to work from home a set amount of hours per week, the "Working from home available" checkbox can also be selected.
    6. Position Type - If you want to specify a Contract job:
      1. Specify the contract tax terms: W2, 1099, or both (required).
      2. Specify a contract length, if applicable, by entering a number in Contract Length or selecting a time period in the drop-down.
      3. If you’d like staffing firms and recruiters to apply on behalf of the candidate, check the checkbox next to this option.

        Staffing recruiter preference selection example.

    7. Salary - Listing a pay range improves the candidate experience and saves time for the applicant and the employer. Select the appropriate pay scale: Annual or Hourly. Then select or type-in a minimum and maximum pay range.
      1. To communicate an open-ended maximum, select only a minimum pay rage. For example, “$60,000+”.
      2. To communicate a compensation cap, select only a maximum pay range. For example, “Up to $100,000”.
      3. Use the “Depends on experience” checkbox if necessary.
    8. Travel Requirements - Use the drop-down to specify any travel requirements. Check “Working from home available” if the position offers the option to work remotely one to five days a week.
    9. Job Description - Effective job postings are professional, well-organized, and relatable. Sell the position! Describe the responsibilities of the job, including necessary tech skills, certifications, and experience. List additional requirements such as desired education level and years of experience. Provide information on opportunities for growth. Include an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to explain more about your company and the benefits.
    10. Skills - List the skills and certifications needed for this role. Enter a list of skills separated by commas (Angular, HTML, CSS). You can also enter skills one-by-one and press “Add” OR use the “+” next to suggested skills we found in your job description to add them.

      1. Users tend to search by entering skills as often as they search by job titles; therefore, the skills field gets more weight than skills listed only in the job description.
    11. Recruiter Profile - Attach your Recruiter Profile to your job posting, allowing canddiates to view more information about you as a recruiter, as well as company information and your contact information. To update any contact information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
    12. Application Method - Select to distinguish how you want candidates to apply for this job. Select “Via Dice plus Email” to use Dice’s powerful built-in applicant tracking system and have applications sent to an email address of your choice. With this selection, an email address is required. The job owner email address is populated by default but can be edited. An optional CC email address is available. Select “Via URL” to redirect applicants to an external website of your choice, such as your company URL.
    13. Screener Questions - If you use the “Via Dice plus Email” application method, you may select a Screener or Application Response for applicants. Screener Questions prescreen applicants on their hard and soft skills with multiple choice, yes/no, and free-form questions that you design and save for re-use. Choose from a list of Screeners associated with your account or create a new one.
    14. Application Response - Application Response Letters are sent to applicants automatically when they apply for the job. Choose from a list of Application Responses associated with your account or create a new one. A standard Application Response is sent if you do not create one.
    15. At the bottom of the page are your buttons to select whether to:
      1. Post as Active - Makes the job active, takes you to the Manage Jobs page, Active status, and confirms job was successfully posted. Post will be live and searchable in 30 minutes or less.

Note: You must have the available job slots or credits.

      1. Save as Inactive - Saves job as inactive, takes you to the Manage Jobs page, Inactive status, and confirms job was successfully saved.
      2. Save & Preview - Makes job inactive and allows you to view how the posting will look before any branding elements are added.

Note: There are buttons on the Preview page to Publish or Edit the job.

Job posting action buttons.


After posting a job to Dice, an Auto Talent Alert will be activated that will send daily email updates to recruiters with new and fresh candidates who match their jobs posted on Dice. Auto Talent Alerts will be emailed to the creator of the job posting.

To access Auto Talent Alerts, click on TalentSearch and select Saved Searches & Alerts. Auto Talent Alerts will be listed at the bottom of the page.


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