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Dice Career Advice and Recruiting Advice are information services published by Dice.com, the leading website for tech careers. Our editors and writers cover insights and analysis for tech professionals across North America and the recruiters and employers who hire them. In addition to articles about job searching, career development, tech hiring and retaining tech talent, we report on tech job trends, salary trends, new technologies and more.

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Fact-Checking and Corrections

Dice Insights commits to publishing accurate information. We examine primary data, question underlying assumptions, and speak with subject-matter experts. We are committed to transparency; when we’re made aware of an error, we move to correct it as quickly as possible.



Our news-gathering is independent of advertising interests. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not accept gifts; when we’re given a free pass or access to an organization or event, we are transparent about that within the article. We aspire to maintain the highest ethics and standards of reporting.


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