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How do I make my profile not visible?

Updated August 18, 2021

Before you make that move, is it right for you? 

You may be missing out on job opportunities!

By updating your profile to Visible, employers and recruiters will be able to contact you about job openings that are not publicly listed. Rest assured, you're in control of how recruiters contact you.
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If you'd prefer to hide your profile for now, simply: 

  1. Go to your Dice Profile or Personalized Dashboard and locate the Visible toggle. 

  1. Toggle this button from ON to OFF

    Change profile visibility.

  1. A box will pop up, asking you to confirm your choice. Click I'm sure, turn off Profile Visibility

  2. Provide feedback and click Submit feedback.

The Visible toggle will turn to OFF, confirming that your profile is no longer visible and employers will no longer be able to find your details on Dice. 

With your profile set to not visible, you can still... 

  • Search for and apply to jobs of your preference. 

  • See jobs you have applied to on the Jobs page in your account. 

  • Receive Job Alert emails on your saved searches and manage your subscriptions from the Alerts page in your account. 

  • Get the latest tech news, career advice, skill and salary insights, product announcements, events and other opportunities. You can always manage your communication settings on the Settings page. 


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