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Updated June 15, 2021

The new Dice Private Email is our next level of privacy protections for Dice candidates.

When you go Visible, we replace your personal email address with a Dice-generated email address, giving you control over when you share your personal email address and with whom. 

How does Dice Private Email work?

  • When you make your profile Visible on Dice, we automatically replace your personal email address with a Dice-generated email address so that you can choose who you share your personal email with.
  • Your new email address that employers see in your profile will look like (it’s different for every employer).
  • We strongly recommend you remove your email address and telephone number from your resume to ensure you have full control of who can access your personal email address. You can update your resume here.
  • Emails sent from employers will still arrive in the inbox connected to your account, just as they do today; they’ll simply be routed via the Dice-based email address.
  • You will see a similar Dice-generated email address from any employers who contacts you. You can reply to this just as you would to a standard employer email domain (such as Outlook).
  • You will also see Dice branding on each email you receive so that you know the email is legitimate.
  • You will also see an option to submit feedback, report and block an individual recruiter, giving you control over future communications. 

We’ve implemented Dice Private Email to build mutual trust between employers and candidates, and we hope this improves your Dice experience!


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