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How can I report if a recruiter or employer is not respecting my communication preferences?

Updated December 2, 2022

Privacy and security for tech professionals continue to be important to us. When you make your profile Visible on Dice, we automatically assign you an anonymous Dice-generated email address so that you can keep your personal email private and decide who you want to share it with. Learn more 

However, since employers can contact you through the Dice-based email in the same way as through a personal email, you may still find some recruiters send too many emails. If that occurs, here’s what you can do:

Submit feedback - In some cases, you may want to let the recruiter know that the opportunity presented is not the right fit for your interests, location, or work type. We’ve given you a Feedback button to help that recruiter target more relevantly.

Block the recruiter - In the emails you receive from recruiters with the Dice logo and “I’m Not Interested” button, you have the option to block emails from the user.

Contact Compliance - While we expect the points above to help you manage your communications preferences, if you feel the instance warrants special attention, please forward the communication along with an explanation of your concern to We take violations of our
Code of Conduct seriously!


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