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When it comes to in-demand skills, it’s clear that employers are taking a holistic approach. Based on the total volume of job postings, organizations want technologists who’ve mastered the nuances of Agile methodology, troubleshooting and software engineering, and can use all of those to guide projects from inception to completion. They also need more projects executed in the cloud, which is why cloud computing has enjoyed the most year-over-year growth in job postings (162%). Technologists with working knowledge of initial project ideation, team workflows, cloud, QA and final rollout to customers have a distinct advantage in this environment; in order to reach that point, they’ll need a solid mix of technical, managerial and “soft” skills (such as empathy and communication).

Employers are also hungry for core technical skills such as SQL, Python, Java and AWS. These programming languages and platforms power innumerable organizations across the country, which is a key reason for the sheer number of job postings that mention them. The continued primacy of SQL, which is used to manage and query relational databases, speaks to organizations’ need to maintain and analyze vast stores of data for numerous uses.

Top 50 Tech Skills by Job Posting Volume

Increase from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022

Top 15 Tech Skills by Job Posting Growth

Increase from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022

Only Skills in Top 100 by posting volume considered

Employers are on the lookout for a handful of up-and-coming skills, most notably cloud computing, TypeScript, Go and R. The latter three are quickly becoming integral languages in many organizations’ tech stacks, used for everything from data analytics (R) to cloud-based applications (Go) to a JavaScript substitute (TypeScript). Based on the rising number of job postings requesting these skills, these may enjoy increased adoption over the next several years.

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