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Accelerate your tech hiring and improve your candidate quality with HackerEarth, Dice’s new technical skills assessment partner.
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Invest Your Time and Effort on the Right Candidates

97% of all applicants don’t get hired, costing you – and them – a lot of time, effort and money. Grow your technical teams while saving time and reducing cost with HackerEarth – the world’s largest platform where millions of developers test their skills.

Create a Test in Minutes

Generate an assessment test in as little as 3 minutes with no technical knowledge needed.

- Assess talent in 35+ programming languages, such as Java, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby and Objective C.

- Pick from 20K+ questions or create your own.

- Tests can be auto-generated based on the job title or skill.

- Invite candidates with a single click by sharing a test link.

Quickly Hire the Best Developers

Hire more candidates faster and reduce your screening time by 94%.

- Advanced Proctoring. Built-in measures validate candidate identity and prevent unfair activities.

- Robust Code Player. Captures every keystroke so you can better evaluate the developer's speed and process.

- Various Question Formats. Select from multiple choice, subjective, programming and more.

- Powerful Filtering. Easily shortlist the most qualified developers using automated reports and evaluations.

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“With traditional hiring approaches, our success ratio was 20:1. With HackerEarth Recruit, our success ratio was 4:1.”

Dilip G., Sr. Manager, Software Development at Intel Security

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