Main image of article Salaries At Tech Companies, Courtesy of a Googler's Mashup
So how much do folks at Google make, anyway? How about Twitter? Microsoft? Former Google Customer Solutions Engineer Gareth Jones had some spare time and took a few hours to mash up a database that reveals some tech salaries by company and/or city that couldn’t be easier to use. TechCompanyPay is a blunt tool and not the least bit polished, but if you’re looking for a quick survey of who makes what and where, you can give it a spin. According to the database, the companies with the top five average salaries are:
  • Twitter at $120,000
  • Apple at $113,000
  • LinkedIn at $112,000
  • Facebook at $110,000
  • Google at $104,000.
Why is Google fifth? Perhaps because it’s the largest company of the bunch and therefore has a more diluted average. Although Jones only says that “All data on this site was obtained via open sources of information on the Internet,” some speculate that he got his numbers from information associated with H-1B visas. However he did it, it’s a sneaky peek into the salary realities of some of today’s biggest name brand tech leaders.