I don’t believe I have ever ranted about a product that I have yet to see or use, but bear with me and you’ll soon see why. There is some strong evidence that the new iPhone 5 will use a smaller docking connector rather than the current 30-pin model and if that’s right, it means buying an adapter -- or many if you own a number of iPhone docks for charging, music, This isn't the first time an Apple product requires some sort of adapter. In fact, I can't think of one that doesn't. The original iPhone’s headphone jack required an adapter to work with most headphones on the market, then the 3G model’s connector wouldn’t work with the plethora of first-gen music docks. Even my MacBook Air requires an array of adapters to connect to Ethernet or to a monitor. Yes – to a monitor. You have to hand it to Apple. Making things like headphones and monitors inoperable out of the box is pretty nervy – it’s my generation’s version of “batteries not included.” But Apple allegedly needs the casing space for the new LTE chipset and larger battery, and the accessory manufacturers must surely be rubbing their hands with glee at all the new adapter sales coming their way, as well as all the new docks. Yes, I can shrug at the new iPhone and clutch my current docks, but we all know that in the end, somehow Mac addicts adapt. So – am I truly addicted? Are you? Will you be adapting with the iPhone 5? Or is this one adapter too many? Let me know by posting a comment below.