Main image of article Amazon Launches Kindle Fire, Its Long-Awaited Tablet

Amazon's just announced three new devices: The Kindle Touch, a $79 Kindle, and the much-anticipated Kindle Fire tablet.

The rumors about Kindle Fire turn out to be true. The device indeed looks like a Playbook, featuring a 7-inch multitouch IPS display (Gorilla Glass) and a dual-core processor. It comes with free Amazon Cloud Storage, so you can practically delete anything whenever you want. The OS is Android, but with tweaks here and there made by Amazon. For instance the browser, named Amazon Silk, uses "Amazon EC2 to accelerate mobile browsing." It's the first mobile browser that renders cloud content directly. These are two great features, and Amazon claims its browser is a lot faster than others. And the price is great: $199. It'll ship beginning Nov. 15 [youtube=] The Touch is an evolved version of the original Kindle, featuring a touchscreen. It comes with a new feature called X-Ray, which basically scans for keywords and shows them on a single page. From there you have the option to search them on Wikipedia to learn more. The touch will cost $99 and $149 for the 3G model. Finally, there's the $79 Kindle. It's got the traditional buttons and is basically a revamped version of the original. It weights 6 ounces, 18 percent smaller than the Kindle 3.

Amazon Kindle FireImage Credit: Thisismynext