Kindle FireReports are that Amazon's new Kindle Fire will be unveiled in September. The new device is expected to come with an improved display, both in terms of resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) and PPI (216), all on the same screen size. It will also be lighter, thinner and feature a built-in camera, although it's not clear if it'll be front-facing or not). All of these details come from AllThingsD. I'm betting the new Fire will include an improved chip, maybe a Tegra 3 Quad-Core. The New York Times says the device "could compete more directly with the iPad, according to a developer briefed on Amazon’s plans who did not want to be identified talking about unannounced products." Ironically, the Kindle Fire's strongest feature isn't within the device itself: It's Amazon Prime membership, which for just $79 a year provides access to a huge collection of movies, TV shows and books, plus upgraded shipping. Related Links