4G LTE for iPad The new iPad's 4G connectivity is certainly an appealing factor for many buyers. That is, at least for users in the United States and Canada. It turns out other countries don't have 4G compatibility with the new iPad. While this hasn't stopped Apple from marketing the new iPad in other countries as 4G capable, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took exception. It filed an injunction against Apple in a Melbourne court to ensure Apple makes consumers become aware of the technical incompatibility with the 4G mobile data network in Australia. Apple "seems to accept that there's a lack of compatibility," said Colin Golvan, senior counsel for the ACCC said at the Federal Court in Melbourne, as reported by Reuters. "It's been completely indifferent to the Australian market." Apple will post explicit warnings to inform Australian users of the 4G incompatibility of the new iPad over the next week. So far, Australia is the first country to act, but it's definitely not the last. New Zealand's Commerce Commission had fielded a complaint about 4G incompatibility as well, according to the National Business Review. Unless Apple is posting the same warning explicitly on all 4G-capable iPads that are sold outside North America, more countries may follow suit.