We still don't know the ending of the Apple-Samsung U.S. saga. In short, there have been a few developments since the first jury finding against Samsung. Samsung will undoubtedly seek appeal in the U.S courts and is facing judgment in courts around the world. Google released a statement to The Verge several days after the initial ruling saying it did not affect the Android core. The jury rushed to decision. Apple added even more Samsung devices to its laundry list of alleged market killers. Apple ordering fewer memory chips from Samsung is unrelated to current litigation. All this and more in store below.

Consumers Buy Up Samsung Phones After U.S. Court Ruling

Apple's wish list of Samsung phones to be banned is growing. Among the latest requested is the popular Galaxy S3. An immediate result of the initial ruling was a rush on Samsung phones. Consumers hit the market heavily that week, citing fears they may be unable to get the phone they want if/when certain handsets are banned from sale. According to Martha C. White of NBC News, the broader picture of banned phones entails more than not having access to the phone you want, but might also include accessories and software upgrades. The sales ban hearing isn't until December. The looming unknown seems to be driving at least some Samsung device sales.

Undecided International Affairs in Germany and the Netherlands

Apple v. Samsung is truly an international affair. Friday, in the Netherlands, Samsung lawyers argued Android's multi-touch events are a lesser quality than Apple's and shouldn't be considered patent infringing. Apple disagreed, saying the multi-touch actions are just as good. While Google wasn't called out by name, Apple did pick on Android functions directly in this case. Apple picked the same fight over multi-touch events in Germany. That ruling is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 21. The judge in the Netherlands case will consider the outcome of the German ruling in its decision set to be delivered Oct. 24.

Avoiding Pulverizing Blows by Sledge Hammer

Device makers registered technology early and often for this year's IFA Fair in Berlin. After Apple had a Samsung tablet removed from last year's event, a record number of rights were registered with German authorities by exhibitors. Device manufacturers hope to avoid the same fate. A week before the show, German customs officials begin to examine devices in order to weed out impostors. "If customs officials are convinced that infringement is involved, they will destroy the gadgets. The tools used to render them unusable range from hammers to forklifts." Samsung chose to showcase its new Galaxy Note tablet and Windows Phone 8 devices at this year's show. It would seem they made it through the customs inspection and avoided Apple scrutiny this year.

Apple Ordering Fewer Samsung Chips for iPhone

Reuters is reporting a slow in orders for Samsung memory chips going to Apple. The source claims the reduction wasn't related to the recent U.S. patent case saying supply chain diversification was the core reason. Relations between Samsung and Apple are bound to change as more cases are settled around the world.

Google and Apple Secret Talks

Presumably, Apple and Google are working to avoid patent litigation. Larry Page and Tim Cook have reportedly spoken by phone and the two companies have engaged in talks as well. Apple hasn't gone after Google directly yet, perhaps there's something good to come from these talks.

Jurors Rushed to Decision, Sales Ban Court Date Coming Up

Multiple interviews with jurors and the jury foreman reveal the group rushed to judgment in the case. They decided to skip the "prior art" consideration and muster through to finish more quickly. It was evident Samsung planned to appeal the decision; now they are expected to request the jury findings thrown out as well. The final word on device sales bans (before appeals) is set for September 20th. Apple seeks a temporary injunction against the sale of eight Samsung devices. The final decision for a permanent injunction is scheduled for December 6. Where do you see the worldwide Samsung smackdown headed? Related Links