Tired? Will a new job or even a different career boost your spirits? Before you make a move, determine what you like and don't like about your position. You may find that you haven't lost your passion for the work you're doing.

Are you bored?

Even if your job is complex, boredom can set in once you've mastered its challenges. To reinvigorate yourself, tackle something new or vary your routine. There's no point in changing companies unless you'll be taking on a new role with different duties, have a chance to work with new technology, or move up into a higher position. Otherwise stay put and transfer to another project, learn a new program, teach a course or volunteer to train new employees.

Are you frustrated?

If you spend most of your day in meetings, conference calls or dealing with red tape, consider transitioning to a pure-tech role, a job at a smaller company or contracting so you can spend less time on administrative duties and more time working with technology. Maybe you can swap responsibilities with a co-worker who actually prefers organizational tasks.

Are you tired?

It's difficult to work fewer hours in today's environment; so the best way to increase your leisure time is by travelling less, telecommuting, taking a job closer to home or working a flexible schedule. With the labor market improving, try to negotiate for more vacation or comp time to recharge your batteries. There's no reason to give up a what could be a good situation if you look for ways to diminish the things you don't like. -- Leslie Stevens-Huffman