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Resumes only take you so far in the hiring process. To be really effective, you have to show what you can do, and meet the right people. To help lure talented minority students into the Silicon Valley culture, the non-profit code2040 launched a summer fellowship program to bring Black and Latino engineering students into the Valley for a summer. Laura Weldman Powers, code2040's executive director, encourages people who are in these categories or know someone who fits the bill to head over to the code2040 website. The group has just opened up applications for 2013. Simply fill one online and take a coding exam. If you pass, you’ll be placed with a startup (they'll bring you out) for an internship.In addition, the group offers supplemental programming like speaker series, workshops, networking opportunities and executive coaching, all in an effort to open doors for young talent. Startups can also register on the site to host a talented engineer. These internships are not about making photocopies, Powers stresses. In one case, a startup told their intern to make its Android app. Though he'd never coded in Android before, he picked it up and finished the code by the end of the summer. The students that succeed are the ones who make an impact by the end of their fellowship. They’re the ones who can learn on the fly, are excited about learning and can push out code. Related Links