Main image of article Pulling Back the Curtain on Corporate Hiring
Almost everyday candidates grouse about the mystery surrounding the corporate hiring process. They just can’t understand why recruiters don’t take their calls or provide updates on the status of a search. And while some companies are making a concerted effort to improve the candidate experience, Dr. John Sullivan concedes that others often “pay only lip service to becoming more open, honest, and transparent.” Innovative companies think of candidates as customers and while they may not share every little detail when a candidate is rejected, they don’t treat them like commodities. As CareerXroads pointed out in its last report, ignoring candidate reactions can impact conversion rates, new hire quality and result in lost sales in consumer-driven companies. Even if you can’t invest in new technology or communication tools, implementing just a few changes can significantly improve the candidate experience.
  • Explain the Hiring Process
Let candidates know the timeline and process from the outset and send them a letter or e-mail the minute they’re rejected.
  • Engage Fewer-Reject Fewer
The theory is that you can shorten the hiring process and reduce the need to communicate by inviting fewer candidates into the hiring process. Plus, candidates get irritated when they spend hours filling out applications and taking assessments yet never receive an update or even an acknowledgement.
  • Explain Delays
If the hiring manager is called away unexpectedly, send out a newsflash so candidates aren’t left twisting in the wind.