Main image of article Daily Tip: Cut Unnecessary Meetings
Do you hold meetings with your colleagues every day? If you’re in a crunch period, racing against a deadline to put the finishing touches on a website or piece of software, regular meetings make all the sense in the world. For all those periods where stakeholders don’t need constant updates, though, meetings are often a waste of everybody’s valuable time. Why get everybody together if the situation hasn’t changed in a way that can’t be summarized via email? Of course, some people need a lot of meetings. If you’re the president of the United States, chances are pretty good you need a daily briefing about everything that’s going on in the world. If you’re a highly placed executive in a dynamic industry, a once-a-week get-together with your subordinates is vital. But for everybody else, if it’s not crunch time, it’s worth evaluating whether you can hold meetings less often.

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