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When it comes to writing a resume, people tend to focus on the nouns—administrator, developer, programmer, language, etc.—and give only cursory thought to the verbs. By strengthening your verbs, however, you can create a resume that truly stands out from the rest of the pile. What’s a “strong” or “power” verb? Many of the ones commonly used in resumes certainly don’t qualify: “Assisted,” “managed,” “administered,” and “helped” (for example) don’t convey the energy and thought you poured into the activities of your working life. Instead, see if one (or more) of the following will better convey your strengths: 1. Planned 2. Organized 3. Created 4. Designed 5. Founded 6. Drove 7. Reorganized 8. Enabled 9. Partnered 10. Resolved 11. Analyzed 12. Counseled 13. Enforced 14. Achieved 15. Engineered 16. Implemented 17. Advanced 18. Improved 19. Streamlined 20. Facilitated 21. Monitored 22. Completed 23. Targeted 24. Restructured 25. Upgraded There are many more, of course—the point is that every verb in your resume should help to highlight your achievements to the fullest. We've got a lengthy list (organized by type of accomplishment) in case you need some more ideas.

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