Detroit companies are looking for analysts focusing on computer systems, network systems and data communications, as well as software engineers, network admins and systems admins. But even though they acknowledge a lot of tech professionals are out there looking for work, they can't find people to fill these jobs. One professional told the Detroit News he's been job hunting for four years. "I've been falling into this limbo area," he said, contending that employers are being too picky. At least one executive on the hiring side agrees. Companies, said Steve Armstrong, a senior vice president at Kelly Services, often lay out unrealistic -- or at least difficult to meet -- job requirements.

"Sometimes, those gaps are generated by differences in nomenclature or unrealistic goals of how the work needs to be completed," he said. "Nobody is the perfect candidate. The employers certainly have to change their expectations."

It's a tough dynamic for job seekers, which makes the potential of the Michigan job market all the more frustrating. Researcher IDG estimates 12,500 IT jobs couild be added in the Detroit area by 2015. Among them: Quicken Loans needs to fill 300 IT positions, while GalaxE Solutions is looking to add 500 professionals.

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