Sagging economy got you down? If you'd been at Silicon Valley Code Camp last month, you would have thought you were on a different planet. At this event, the sense was that the economy was jumping and the opportunities are abundant. SVCC organizer Peter Kellner said he thinks it all boils down to eagerness. Everyone is there on their own time. Because it’s a weekend event, they don’t have to ask for permission from their employer. “The telltale sign comes when you tell someone that the technology is changing and you’re going to have to learn a new tool and a new environment. If they roll their eyes and say, ‘Oh my God, I’m so tired of that,’ chances are they’re unemployed or near unemployed,” Kellner says. All the people here are employed and are doing well, he adds. “If they’re excited about the new learning opportunity. These are the ones recruiters are desperate to hire.”