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The latest Stack Overflow survey asked developers around the globe about their priorities when searching for a new job. Of the 43,878 respondents, a majority did the obvious thing and ranked salary as important. But they also rated other elements—including company culture—nearly as high. When judging whether to pursue a particular position, some 62.7 percent of respondents said that salary was a top priority, followed by work-life balance (50.4 percent), company culture (41.8 percent), quality colleagues (39.9 percent), and flexible work hours (37.1 percent). Lowest-ranked priorities included company size (7.8 percent), job title (7.3 percent), company financials and market position (6.4 percent), and equity (6.4 percent). The lattermost may surprise many in the tech industry, considering the number of companies (particularly startups) that position equity as a prime incentive. Priorities also change as tech pros progress throughout their respective careers. Remote work and the ability to influence corporate decision-making rise in importance for most respondents as they approach 10 years in the tech industry; the company’s tech stack also becomes a sizable factor. If anything, job titles become less critical as these developers age. Developers in the United States prized their salaries, in contrast to other countries where money proved less of a factor. “Developers tend to value salary in countries where the mean developer salary is relatively low,” noted Stack Overflow’s report. “Developers in Nordic countries are less interested in money than this trend implies.” According to the recent Dice Salary Survey, roughly 53 percent of tech pros in the United States suggested they were happy with their current salaries. Average technology salaries in the country hit $96,370 in 2015, a year-over-year rise of 7.7 percent. And while pay is clearly important, other perks matter, as well. If you’re heading into a negotiation over your compensation, take the time to do a little prep work; the benefits could be enormous.