Main image of article What Tech Item Tops Your Holiday Wish List?
Dice Holiday Tech Wish ListSick of the holiday commercials you’ve been seeing since, oh, it seems like Labor Day? Well suck it up because we’re about to fill you with even more cheer. Do you hate it when you are extremely specific about what’s on your tech wish list and you seem to get tube socks anyway? Even a gift card to go toward your purchase would be better than the un-cushioned, leg-compressing, fashion faux pas that you still somehow manage to smile through while opening.  Fear not, friend. We’re here to help. Join us on Facebook and tell us about that gizmo, gadget, or tech toy that would blow your tube socks off – and Dice's Pixelman* might just get it for you.  And the first 1,000 people to tell us get a microfiber phone cleaner (yes, for free). If you’re still thinking about it, consider this, you’ve got nothing to lose except an awesome story about how you got the top item on your tech wish list this year. *If you're unfamiliar with Pixelman, he was recently spotted riding what is allegedly an iPhone 5, though it remains unconfirmed.