Hipstamatic Disposable SeriesRemember the semi-convenience of the disposable camera? Synthetic does. The developer behind popular retro photography apps Hipstamatic and SwankoLab is taking its pre-digital obsession further, releasing a free disposable camera app for iOS, dubbed D-Series. The app, available today, aims to bring a taste of film photography to today's world, where even point-and-shoot digital cameras are becoming obsolete. D-Series will also bring back some of the suspense that came before the advent of digital cameras. Photos will not be available for your perusal instantly—you'd have to fill the roll with 24 shots before you can view any of them. Naturally, there's a social element. You can also invite friends to contribute to the same roll. When a total of 24 photos are collectively captured, everyone's photos will be shared with each other automatically. So, what's the "disposable" part? None of it, unless you're spending money. Similar to the original Hipstamatic app, photos captured in D-Series will turn out differently depending on the virtual camera you're using. According to Jeff Scott, who's previewed D-Series, you'll be given one free unlimited-use camera to start, and another if you link the app to your Facebook account. Additional cameras can be bought as in-app purchases, and these are the disposable ones, in the sense that they can be used only a limited number of times, depending on how much you are paying. The bright side: You can share your camera with your friends without them having to purchase it. Of course, that means you won't be taking as many photos using the camera, with your friends using part of the roll. But let's just get into the spirit of sharing, especially with Christmas coming so soon. [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/33587502 w=580&h=326]